Therapist to the Stars!

Therapist to the Stars!

“Hi…this is Hallam FM…we’d like you to give an Indian Head Massage to one of our presenter’s live on air”…..not a phone call you get every day!

It turns out that Janine, a presenter on the Big John @ Breakfast radio show, was still recovering from a pretty horrendous hen do and they wanted to give her a surprise birthday treat.So there I was, hiding outside the studio at 8am on a weds morning, waiting for Big John to beckon me into the room.

It wasn’t a stripper!

As I entered the room, they started to play “You can keep your hat on” from The Full Monty, so you can guess what Janine thought her birthday treat was! I played along with this for a while before admitting I was there to give her a massage.

Head Massage

I have to say it was rather surreal, performing an Indian Head Massage on a radio presenter while she reads the travel news! But she certainly seemed to enjoy it, and a perfect way to help get rid of the toxins and stress from a boozy weekend.

Brad & Angelina next?

Brad & Angelina it wasn’t, but perhaps the closest I’ll get to Hollywood!…although stranger things have happened…so if my next blog comes from LA you’ll know that julian therapies is The Holistic Therapist to the Stars!

Julian….2nd July 2014

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