Thai Foot & Hand Massage

hand massage

What are the Benefits?

  • Improves joint flexibility 
  • Relieves pain & muscle tension 
  • Helps relaxation 
  • Improves circulation 
  • Stimulates endorphins (feel good hormones)
  • Gives a general feeling of well being

What is Thai Massage? 

Unlike the techniques used in Western massage, this Thai method uses muscle stretching and compression (pressing on the muscles). Although called a massage, it has more in common with Japanese Shiatsu or Chinese acupressure systems of bodywork.

Massage has a unique style in each area of Thailand. This seated massage has its basis in the style practised in Northern Thailand.

The roots of Thai massage lay in Buddhism. Monks from India took with them their medical practices as Buddhism spread to other parts of Asia around the 3rd Century BC. Healing was part of their religious system, and massage part of the healing.

Sen energy lines

SEN lines - hands and feet - largeSEN lines - legs - large

Thai massage focuses on the system of “Sen” energy lines.These are similar to the meridian energy lines of Chinese medicine, but follow the natural contours of the body, rather than the energy paths of the bodies organs.

The Treatment

The treatment is performed fully clothed on a special massage chair (see picture below), that is comfortable for the customer and gives the therapist easy access to the legs, feet and hands.

massage chair

Home Visits

Although the massage chair is ideal for salon treatments, it isn’t very mobile. But, unlike many other massages, this one can be done on any normal chair, making it ideal for home visits.