Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage


Healing through touch is a natural human instinct, when a child falls and hurts themselves, instinctively we rub it better.

The word massage derives from the Arabic “massa” (to touch, feel or handle) and the Greek “massein” (to knead).Massage is the treatment and practice of soft tissue manipulation.


Swedish massage formalises this natural healing and is probably the most widely practiced form of touch therapy in the West (most Eastern cultures have their own form of massage therapy (Shiatsu in Japan, Ayurveda in India, Acupressure in China).


Swedish massage is defined by the basic strokes of which it is composed.

Effleurage – stroking

Petrissage – kneading

Tapotement – striking

Frictions – rubbings



Full Body or Part Body Massage

Choose a full body massage (neck/shoulders/arms/back/legs) or concentrate on a specific problem area (e.g. back).

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Boosts circulation – warms tissues – stimulates superficial and deeper skin layers – increases lymphatic flow (therefore aids removal of waste products and toxins) – removes lactic acid from muscle tissue – relaxes tense and contracted muscles – stimulates or soothes nerve endings (depending on type of massage movement used) – reduces pain and fatigue – reduction of blood pressure and pulse rate – relieve stress  – can help relieve depression – stimulates endorphins (feel good hormones) – relax or invigorate mind and body (depending on clients need).