Standard Price List

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Body Treatment – £25 (30 mins)                   

Uses Nu Skin’s revolutionary hand held galvanic spa and exclusive ageLoc Body Shaping Gel to help minimise and smooth the appearance of cellulite, for a tighter, firmer and more contoured appearance (includes post treatment application of ageLOC Dermatic Effects gel to maximise results).

Hot Stone Massage – (1 hr) Special Offer £25

 A full body massage using heated basalt stones and oil. Each stroke with a stone is equal to ten normal massage strokes, giving a much deeper (but without extra pressure) and longer lasting massage experience.                  

Swedish Body Massage – (1hr) Special Offer £25

A full body massage with oil, using the traditional massage strokes of effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading) and tapotement (striking). Relaxes tense and contracted muscles, reducing pain and fatigue.

 Reflexology – (1 hr) Special Offer £25

A foot massage that targets specific zones of the feet, benefiting the whole body. Leaves the feet feeling refreshed, more flexible and invigorated. Especially beneficial for people with poor circulation and sports men and woman whose feet need some extra care and attention.

 Indian Head Massage – (1 hr) Special Offer £25

 A firm and gentle rhythmic head massage that includes the neck, shoulders and upper arms. Relieves tension and muscular aches and pains. Can be performed with or without oils (oils can be tailored to help with hair loss, psoriasis, etc.).

Thai Seated Massage – (1 hr) Special Offer £25

 A rhythmic massage for the upper body, using hand pressure, muscle stretching and compression. Helps improve flexibility in the joints and soothes aching muscles.

 Reiki – (1 hr) Special Offer £25

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, that also promotes natural healing by channeling energy into the body by the laying on of hands (either on or just above the body).

 Hopi Ear Candles – (40 mins) Special Offer £25

Made from cotton, beeswax, honey and sage, these ear candles offer a calming and soothing experience, helping many ailments associated with the ears, nose and throat.

 Thai Foot and Hand Massage – (1 hr) Special Offer £25

A massage of the lower legs, feet and hands using acupressure points and muscle stretching. Ideal for office and computer workers who suffer from hand and feet pain

 Holistic Facial Massage – (1 hr) Special Offer £25

  A massage of the face and neck to aid the release of toxins. Treatment includes a deep facial cleanse and exfoliation using Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies.

Unless otherwise stated, each treatment lasts approx 1 hour and includes an initial medical consultation.