Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Treatments

Galvanic Face Lift – Rejuvenate your complexion – Reduce wrinkles and lines, restore smoothness and firmness


Unlock the secret of younger looking skin with Nu Skin’s revolutionary ageLOC Galvanic Spa System

ageLOC Anti-aging Products

Nu Skin’s ageLOC anti-aging face and body gels slow the skin’s ageing process, targeting the sources of the visible signs of aging to help you look more youthful.

Galvanic Facial Treatment

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The Galvanic Spa uses a safe, mild electric current to enhance the delivery of ageLOC products into the skin.

During the Pre-Treatment cycle, the Spa and gel are negatively charged, delivering the gel into the pores, binding to any impurities.

Then, during the Treatment cycle, the Spa and gel are both positively charged.These positive charges repel each other,helping to deliver the beneficial ingrediants deep in the skin. The positively charged Spa then attracts the remaining negatively charged impurities from the Pre-Treatment cycle, drawing them out of the skin.

galvanic action


Galvanic Body Treatment – Minimise and smooth the appearance of cellulite & scar tissue


The Galvanic Body Spa uses a pulsating galvanic current to help deliver ageLOC body gels to problem areas (arms, legs, stomach, buttocks etc.). The vibrations caused by the current help stimulate. purify and refresh the skin, smoothing the appearance of cellulite and scar tissue.


ageLOC Body Shaping Gel

Designed for use with the Galvanic Body Spa. It evens out the appearance of dimpled areas, smoothes the appearance of fat and cellulite for a more contoured appearance and improves firmness for a more youthful look (contains Laminaria Digitata & Theobromine to increase fat breakdown).

ageLOC Dermatic Effects

Designed as a daily moisturiser and contouring lotion to be used in additon to Body Spa/Body Shaping Gel treatments. It increases cellular turnover and utilises leading edge optical technology to difuse light, thus improving the appearance of the skin’s surface (contains Hibiscus extract to inhibit cellulite appearance & Honey extract to smooth the skin).


Galvanic Hair Treatment – Revitalise your scalp – help your hair look & feel more abundant

The Galvanic Spa has been designed to help facilitate contact between the scalp and the key ingrediants of Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment.


Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment

Works to hydrate the hair and remineralise the scalp, helping hair regain its natural health, strength and shine – for maximum vitality and abundance (contains Tricalgoxl, a clinically proven seaweed derivative).

Nutriol Shampoo

Desgned for daily use between Galvanic Spa/Nutriol treatments.