Indian Head Massage

head massage

Head Massage

When you are overworked, stressed or angry, tension builds up in the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders. Indian Head Massage works with a firm but gentle rhythm to release this tension, soothe aching muscles and promotes relaxation.


  • Relaxes tense & contracted muscles – reducing pain & fatigue
  • Relieves stress – restores the body to a state of rest
  • Boosts circulation – brings fresh nutrients & oxygen to cells
  • Increases lymphatic flow – aids removal of waste products & toxins
  • Improves skin condition due to improved circulation
  • Can help depression by stimulation of endorphins (feel good hormones)
  • Stimulates or soothes nerve endings (depending on massage movement being used)
  • Relaxing or invigorating for mind & body (depending on clients need)
  • Reduces blood pressure and pulse rate


Thai seated massageIndian Head Massage works on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, face and ears, using a variety of massage movements:

  • Effleurage (Stroking)
  • Petrissage: (Kneeding, Lifting, Rolling)
  • Tapotement: (Hacking, Cupping, Champi)
  • Frictions (Thumb Circling)
  • Pressure Point Stimulation
  • Squeeze & Lifting

massage chairThe treatment is performed fully clothed on a special massage chair, that is comfortable for the customer and gives the therapist easy access to the massage areas.


massage oilThe use of oil is optional, although it does allow the hands to move more freely over the skin, avoiding any “drag” whilst massaging the body.

Specific oils can be used to help with scalp and hair conditions – examples:

  • Apricot Oil helps relieve itchy scalps;
  • Avocado Oil is an excellent moisturiser that penetrates deep into the epidermis;
  • Jojoba Oil helps relieve inflammation and is excellent for acne, eczema and psoriasis;
  • Evening Primrose Oil helps wounds to heal and is good for dandruff.

Pressure Points

pressure points

As part of the treatment, pressure points on the face are stimulated. This increases blood flow to the skin (bringing with it nutrients and oxygen to help replenish skin cells), and also increases lymphatic flow, thus aiding the removal of waste products and toxins.