Holistic Facial Massage

Looking good starts with great skin

Beautiful young woman receiving facial massage.

This gentle massage relaxes and releases the tiny taut muscles that are used for facial expression.

Nerve endings are soothed – your complexion will look smoother, brighter and more relaxed – layers of tension are lifted away, leaving you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

A Holistic Facial Massage Treatment includes:

brush application

  • A Superficial & Deep Facial Cleanse;
  • Exfoliation;
  • A relaxing Facial Mask;
  • Massage of Neck & Face to stimulate nerve endings and muscles, improve circulation and texture of the skin.

 Benefits of Facial Massage

Enhances shedding of skin cells – Improves appearance of the skin
Improved circulation – Bringing oxygen & nutrients to the blood cells
Blood capillaries dilate – Improves skin colour
Stimulates lymphatic circulation – Helping remove waste products from tissues
Increases skin temperature – Relaxes the pores & follicles, increasing absorption of the massage product and softening the skin
Sensory nerves are soothed and stimulated
Stimulates production of sebum and sweat – Helping maintain the skins natural oil and moisture balance
Boosts cellular activity – Rejuvinating the skin

Massage Products



All products used during the massage will be part of the

Neils Yard Organic Remedies range.

Neils Yard Organic Remedies are made by combining traditional organic plant extracts with the latest advances in green chemistry to produce effective, natural and innovative health and beauty products.

– NO mineral oils used (liquid paraffin) that can irritate the skin;

– NO parabens used (chemical preservatives) – natural ingrediants used instead (such as rose extract)

– NO petro-chemical based detergents used;

– NO silicones used (which can leave a plastic like coating on the skin).

– No synthetic fragrances used