About Me




Dragged up!

Born and brought up In Rotherham. spending my very early years at Brown Street (Masbrough) and Psalters Lane (Kimberworth).





School days in Kimberworth Park & Wingfield

Moved to Crane Road (Kimberworth Park), attending Roughwood Infant & Junior School, before going to Wingfield Comp.



College & Work


Went to TRC after leaving school, but only lasted about 3 months, the world of academia was not for me.

Was studying Ancient History and English Literature – I could just imagine the job offers flooding in!

Kirkby CentralAfter leaving college (and a few months on the dole watching Danger Mouse and Sons & Daughters!) I started on a YTS scheme in the Parts Dept of Kirkby Central (Vauhall Dealership), Wellgate, Rotherham. Another strange choice as I had no interest (and still dont) in cars. But had a good couple of years there and it taught me the discipline of turning up on time every morning and getting paid for a good days work.



My mum worked at the local Jobcentre and brought me home an application to join the DWP (who run the Jobcentres and Pension Service). I got in and spent the next 25 years working for them, 15 years in Maltby, Rotherham & Sheffield Jobcentres and Benefit Offices, then another 10 years at DWP Head Office in Sheffield.

In the last few years I came to hate the job, even though I had risen through the ranks and was getting a decent wage (approx £28K a year when I left). But no amount of money is worth your health, and I disliked it that much that it was making me ill. So when the opportunity came to take my redundancy I jumped at the chance, and finished in March 2012.

new life old life Why Holistic Therapies?

During my final years with the DWP, I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I was taking anti-depressants which were helping temporarily, but I had to keep increasing the dosage to get  the same affect. I soon reached the maximum dosage and I needed to find a different answer.

A friend of mine had opened a new hairdressers and was renting out a room to a Reiki practitioner. Out of curiosity I did a bit of internet research and was interested to find out that it can help reduce stress and tension. So I thought why not give it a go.

Although initially sceptical about some of the beliefs behind it, I thought if nothing else it would help me relax for the hour I was on the couch. The treatment was very relaxing but it was more than that, I could feel heat entering my body through the hands of the practitioner. After the session I felt more relaxed and less tense, and better mentally than I had for a long time. I was hooked, and decided there and then to learn how to perform the treatment on my myself (and subsequently on others). It also wet my apetite with regards to other Holistic / Complementary / Alternative Therapies, and I started to look into the subject as a whole.

All this happenend at the same time as I was going through the redundancy process, which from start to finish took about a year. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do work wise after the DWP and it came to me one day,”Why not combine my new found interest in these therapies with work and become a self employed therapist?”

So thats what I did. Over the last year I’ve been training up on a number of treatments, and started as a self employed therapist on 10th Dec 2012.

me in a nutshell

Well, thats me in a nutshell (!), you can tell me all about yourself while I’m doing your treatment – Julian.